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About Zenlabs Ethica Ltd.

Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. is one of the most trusted pharmaceutical marketing company in pharma sector. Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. started off by marketing drugs in India and soon went off to play a major role in the distribution of a wide range of branded drugs. Since the inception of Zenlabs in 2008, it started growing at fast pace and became one amongst India's top 10 generic players of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The vision was very clear to focus on three things - quality products, reasonable pricing and vast reach market penetration. After creating a successful mark in the country the company forayed into international markets like West Africa, Nigeria, Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran, extensive range of products from anti-biotic to nutra-ceuticals covering the entire therapeutic segment.

As part of the market capitalizing strategy Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. focused in creating a strong distributor network, introduced new products and improvised existing products. Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. employees around 100 odd people and ensure the proper retention of employees through motivation and incentives. Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. has also implemented social security schemes for the employees benefit along with ensuring a congenial work atmosphere.

Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. has wide range of pharmaceutical formulations, with more than 750 products from almost all therapeutic segments.

Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. vision is to provide innovative and affordable solutions in health care. At Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. , we aim to provide medicines with total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in the chosen market. Also, increased awareness and acceptance of favorable legislation provide a solid ground to branded drugs in the Indian market.